Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Transport strike in Cusco tomorrow (7 March, 2013)

Paro de transportistas Cusco
Protesters blocking a road with rocks

Following recent fuel price rises there is a transport strike scheduled to begin in the region of Cusco on 7 March which will last for 24 hours. Strikes are normally active from around 7am and continue until 6-6:30pm.

Depending on the severity, strikes can involve roads being blocked and vehicles being attacked. There is a good chance of disruption to normal services so anyone who has tours scheduled for the 7th of March are advised to contact their agencies to see if there are any changes to travel plans.

If you are planning on travelling independently, please be extra cautious so as to avoid trouble. Things may appear fine in the city but once you leave, the situation in the countryside may be different. If taxi drivers are unwilling to take you on the route that you wish to take then it should be seen as a warning. Do not continue looking for someone who will take you as the first driver probably turned you down for a good reason. It is better to miss out on visiting an archeological site than be involved in an incident.

The feeling in Cusco is that the strike will not be strong and that services will continue as normal, however taking extra precautions won't hurt and may save you a lot of problems.

Edit (7 March, 2013) - It appears the protesters have not taken to the streets. Bus services have been effected but private transportation and taxis are running as normal.

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